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About Limelight
Performing Arts Studio

Limelight Studios is the creation of Zelda Rolfe. This follows a lifetime of interest and involvement in the arts. Zelda and her husband Martyn turned an unused and unloved beautiful old Victorian School on Aylsham Road in Norwich, into a vibrant venue. To turn a passion into a business requires having a vision and a commitment to following it through. And that is exactly what Zelda has achieved.

limelight theatre company vocal training

The Studios opened in March 2014 as a Theatre School to teach drama, dance and singing.  During this time it has evolved to become much more. The studios now offer a wide and varied range of activities, including Brownies, dancing, fitness classes, photography and performance spaces. We have been home to several touring productions as their rehearsal space too! Cookies Kitchen are also based here and run a mixture of classes. 

Studio Hire

We provide studio rental/room hire for all types of organisations including meeting rooms, training courses, photography and workshops

Children’s parties

If that wasn’t enough our themed children’s birthday parties are very popular. You choose the theme, we will make the dream.

The Green Room Café

There is a Green Room Café for you to enjoy while maybe having a cuppa or something to eat.

Why not pop in and take a look at this old Victorian School with the modern look on the inside. You'll be very welcome.

…I went to see my granddaughter in the Limelight CATs production on Saturday the 1st June the matinee performance…

…The acting and singing standard from such a wide age range was so impressive, what struck me most was their professionalism in staying in character while just being a background extra! Fantastic I was closely watching every kitten on purpose, first-rate….

The costumes were first rate and the scenery what a simple but effective backdrop, well done the set designers. The makeup…wow …a work of art to perfection.

Please pass on my sincere congratulations to all who took part, there was not one person who let the side down and to use 40 children in singing dancing and acting showcased all their incredible abilities. Well done.

Cliff – Retired Am Dram enthusiast