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20/09/2018 Classic comedy Allo Allo comes to Norwich this month

“Listen Very Carefully, I shall say this only once”

Allo Allo visits Norwich this month

The stage at Norwich Puppet Theatre will be transformed into ‘Café Rene’ this September, when the live stage version of the classic British sitcom Allo Allo is brought to life by Norwich based Limelight Theatre Company.

The irreverent and much-loved classic comedy by writers David Croft and Jeremy Lloyd is a hilarious parody of the drama ‘Secret Army’ and ran on BBC tv for 10 years between 1982 and 1992.

Theatre version

The live stage version is packed with the show’s best-loved characters, led of course by ‘Rene Artois’ the hapless café owner and unwitting ‘hero of the resistance’ who is trying to run his “Leetle Café in war-torn France” whilst juggling the amorous attentions of his willing waitress ‘Yvette’, tone-deaf wife ‘Madame Edith’ and assassin bodyguard ’Mimi la Bonq’, alongside hiding two escaped British Airmen for the ever-bossy ‘Michelle of the Resistance’.

As if that wasn’t enough, our unlikely hero also has to keep out of trouble (and hide the ‘Priceless Portrait of the Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies’) from the bumbling Germans who frequent his café: the wiglet-wearing ‘Colonel Von Strohm’, ardent admirer ‘Lt. Gruber’, officious ‘General Von Klinkerhoffen’, sinister ‘Herr Flick of the Gestapo’ and his persistent paramour ‘Helga’ (who in turn is fighting off the attentions of would-be casanova ‘Capitano Bertorelli’)!

All of this is further complicated by ‘Officer Crabtree’ an idiotic British agent posing as a French Gendarme, ‘Le-Clerc’ a hard-of-hearing parrot salesman, and an inflatable comedy ‘Hitler’ which all combine to produce a side-splitting romp of mayhem aplenty, and pay tribute to the classic age of British sitcom.

What will the ending of Allo Allo bring?

Will the British Airmen escape? Will Rene get to run away to Switzerland with Yvette? Will Flick and Helga disappear into the Brazilian rainforest? And will Officer Crabtree ever stop saying “Good Moaning”?

To find out – book now for:

Allo Allo

Allo Allo at the Norwich Puppet Theatre

Wed. 26th to Sat 29th Sept. at 7.30pm (matinee 2.30pm on 29th Sept).

Tickets £14 and £12 Conc. From the Box Office 01603 629921

Or book online at www.puppettheatre.co.uk



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