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30/06/2023 Frozen JR. – Reviews are live!

Where it all started with Frozen JR.

When Zelda Rolfe first spotted that MTI Europe had secured the rights to licence Disney’s Frozen JR. she was determined to be the first to produce this in Norfolk. It was a gamble booking this, without a home for the show to go to. Thankfully, our friends at the Maddermarket Theatre viewed this production as a great opportunity too and we were able to secure the May half term holiday week, perfect for all those youngsters who were sure to be interested in watching this.

Auditions for Frozen JR.

Working again with Director, Anna Lawrence, the announcement was made at the end of October 2022 that The Limelight Theatre Company had secured the rights to perform Frozen JR.. With auditions taking place at the end of November and the cast list released shortly afterwards, it was a packed rehearsal schedule that followed in early January 2023.

Show week – Reviews are live!

With licence stipulations for only 5 performances, we were keen to invite reviewers to see this production. Julian Swainson from Norwich Eye and Sarah Meers from NODA both kindly confirmed their attendance. Please read on to see what they thought of our production of Disney’s Frozen JR.

I am a bit outside my comfort zone with Disney material and I am one of the few people who has not seen the film that this stage musical is based on. However, I understand the popularity and familiarity of this tale for many people. A capacity audience at the Maddermarket was brimming with enthusiasm for this show and we were not disappointed. Director Anna Lawrence has done a great job with a large cast of skilled youngsters to make this a magical experience in an atmospheric venue.

Frozen is loosely based on a Hans Christian Andersen story called ‘The Snow Queen’. Like many a Disney makeover it takes the original story and softens it almost out of recognition into an easy watching family friendly entertainment. Made in modern times the musical and film also gives us two strong female characters in the leading roles as sisters Anna and Elsa. We see the two sisters growing up, giving a chance to six young actresses to show their singing, dancing and acting skills which they all do very well. So Tia Kerton and Florence Martin hand over to Florence Rymarz (who I remember from a superb performance as Matilda in a previous show) and Lizzy Masterson, then Liberty Taylor and Millie Rowlands impress us as the girls turn into young adults.

Shane Davenport and Daisy Frankland look suitably imperious as the sisters’ King and Queen parents, who trot off somewhere and never return, leaving Princess Elsa to become the new Queen of Arendelle. The sisters have been estranged because of the dangers of Elsa’s magic powers, which seem to include an instant deep freeze of anything or anyone in her way, which occasionally includes Anna. As young women they attempt to reunite, but the old cold magic is still causing trouble.

Having accidentally turned her country into a fridge Elsa goes off to live in an ice palace so she can do no more harm, but Anna teams up with a chap called Kristoff (Charlie Clarke) and his noisy reindeer Sven, who gets lots of laughs. Sven is energetically played by Finn Richardson-Gunn who some may remember as the formidable Miss Trunchbull in Matilda Junior. They join forces with the snowman Olaf (Noah Wellstead) who charms all before him. On the way they get some help from Oaken, memorably performed with great energy and precision by Sam River Nuttall.

With a big cast of youngsters on stage it can be difficult to keep them all focused on their roles, but Director Anna Lawrence has achieved that difficult balance between letting individual performers shine while making sure that they are all committed to the drama. It is worth watching some of the younger players like Elsa’s Snow Chorus or the Oaken family to see how well this has been achieved. Every single actor on this stage is confident of their character and their place on the stage, which on the tiny Maddermarket stage is a real achievement.

The young cast give us confident and competent renditions of the many musical numbers in a show where every scene has its own song, including some which have become sing along favourites from the animated film. Frozen is a good choice for a youth theatre company as it gives a wide range of performers a chance to show their skills together, and their enjoyment in being on stage is infectious. Frozen can melt the coldest of hearts and sends everyone home happy!

© Julian Swainson

Norwich Eye

2 June 2023

Society: Limelight Theatre Company                     

Show title: Disney Frozen JR

Director –  Anna Lawrence                                                          

Choreographer –  Anna Lawrence                                  

Musical Director – Zelda Rolfe                                                    

Performed at Maddermarket Theatre on 3rdJune 2023 at 7.30pm      

A wonderful first visit to Limelight Theatre Company at the Maddermarket Theatre to see Frozen JR. My welcome was inviting and warm to a bustling foyer.

Frozen is set in Arendelle, a kingdom which becomes trapped in an eternal winter thanks to Elsa. Anna joins forces with Kristoff and Sven to try and save the kingdom. On their journey they encounter other great friends who want to help free the kingdom from the awful winter grip it faces.                  

Anna (Tia Kerton, Florence Rymarz and Liberty Taylor) all sang beautifully and acted well showing true potential. Elsa (Florence Martin, Lizzy Masterson and Millie Rowlands) portrayed the character with insight. I was very impressed with the skills shown in both these characters, weaving the storyline in working so well together as sisters in all 3 age groups. Olaf (Noah Wellstead) the iconic well-known character of Frozen had a unique style and warmth. Kristoff (Charlie Clarke) illustrated the character of a caring man protecting Anna and Sven (Finn Richardson-Gunn) was excellent in the role with very good comedy timing, a great rapport of togetherness with Kristoff. Hans (Thomas Beer) the baddie gave the necessary nastiness to the role. The supporting cast throughout this fantastic production of the well-known Disney story were excellent throughout. The characterisations created for the performance by the chorus added enthusiasm to the plot.

The creative team of Anna Lawrence and Zelda Rolfe showed imagination in making the show come alive. The great use of settings on stage and movement around it shown through: loved their levels and the combination of stage and auditorium space.

The scenery was ideal for the show simple and very effective. I loved how the children moved the set which showed lots of professionalism.

The props were superb. What a fabulous idea to have a snow machine and the puppet Olaf at the beginning which again the children used with style. I liked the clever way the cast incorporated the props within the scenes.

The costumes were very apt and in keeping with the era.

I love things being different within a show you are so familiar with, especially the song ‘For the first time’. This worked so well as a chorus number and having songs that are not in the film gives it a special touch. The most famous song ‘Let it go’ is not easy to do and the company performed this with verve. Brilliant.

I would just like to add how hard everybody worked to create this magical show. I was so impressed with each and everyone of you. The audience absolutely loved it and so did I. Thank you so so much for inviting me. A thoroughly spectacular evening.

Sarah Meers

District 6 Representative



I wanted to write today with a very big THANK YOU, to both of you, for Saturday, and indeed the lead-up. Please could you also pass our thanks on to your lovely bar staff who were wonderful.

Everything ran so smoothly and we are so grateful for all your hard work and for hosting us – the venue could not have been better as far as we were all concerned.

– Retirement event for the CEO of the Norwich Charity Musical Keys.

Hannah – Musical Keys Norwich